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This page features just a few of our many volunteers. IARA is entirely volunteer-run, grassroots organization. We depend on Hoosiers who want speak out for animals who cannot. Check out some of our wonderful volunteers below!



Wendy is one of the founding members of IARA and has been volunteering since 2012. She actively participates through peaceful protesting, leafletting events, and pay-per-view outreach. Wendy is proud to be a part of an organization such as IARA.

“I used to feel so alone as a vegan and animal rights activist,” she shares. “Through IARA I have met SO many awesome people right here in Indiana who share my passion!”

Where does Wendy go when she’s craving a great vegan mea? Moe’s. “I get a giant burrito stuffed with rice, black beans, tofu, and lots of other good stuff.”

Thank you for all you do for animals, Wendy!



Joseph volunteers through the Indianapolis Vegetarian and Vegan Meet-up Group by setting up events at restaurants across the Indianapolis area. The meet-ups offer a great opportunity for new vegetarians and vegans to meet experienced individuals. Joseph is been a vital component of the meet-ups.

Since he started in early 2013, he has scheduled over 33 meet-ups with over 640 attendees!

Joseph enjoys meeting fellow vegans at the dining events, along with sharing new ideas and having great conversations with others. For great vegan food, he recommends checking out Three Carrots, Sinking Ship, and Spice Nation.

For more information about the Indianapolis Vegetarian and Vegan Meet-up Group, go to meetup.com/indyveggie

Thank you, Joseph!10321576_10152454461922528_6985305655104149700_o


Alicia began volunteering with IARA in 2013. She actively participates in peaceful protests around the Indianapolis area. She also promotes education to the public through leafletting and pay-per-view videos.

“IARA has made a huge difference in my life,” Alicia shares. “I’ve never met so many compassionate people! The people I have met in this group are truly amazing and inspirational.”

Alicia highly recommends Sinking Ship restaurant for delicious vegan cuisine. Her favorite? The Logger’s Hash.

Alicia, we thank you for everything you have done for IARA!


Laura began volunteering with IARA in 2012.  She participates in peaceful protests, leafletting, and writing posts on the IARA website.

“I decided to become vegetarian in 2008 after I read Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food by Gene Baur.  Four years later, I recognized that I needed to do more for animals.  I thought being vegan would be a difficult transition but within days I realized it was easy to do.  In fact, going vegan has been one of the best decisions of my life.  My lifestyle now reflects my conscious.”

Laura highly recommends Three Carrots, Broad Ripple Brew Pub, and Moe’s for great vegan food.  She also suggests getting involved with the Indianapolis Vegetarian and Vegan Meet-up Group.  “The individuals I met answered my questions about all things vegan.  I learned so much from them!”

Thank you, Laura!


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