About IARA


We believe that non-human animals have the right to be completely free from human violence. We do not wish to cause or contribute to the needless suffering of non-human animals for our food, entertainment, clothing or laboratory experiments. Animals are not ours to use or profit from—they are individuals who exist for their own reasons. We will work toward a complete end to animal exploitation through public outreach and advocacy.


The Indiana Animal Rights Alliance is active in the community in many ways, including:

  • Promoting plant based diets in a positive way and helping people in the community to make the transition to plant based diet.
  • Public demonstrations to bring awareness to various forms of animal abuse
  • Writing letters and making phone calls to businesses to encourage them to end practices that contribute directly or indirectly to animal cruelty
  • Movie viewings, special speakers and other events open to the public for people to learn more about what they can do to help end animal abuse
  • Outreach to local restaurants to encourage them to add more healthy, vegan options to their menu
  • Providing speakers and literature at public events, classrooms and fielding other requests for interviews and public engagements
  • Our leadership team will make ourselves available to the media to discuss matters of animal cruelty and advocacy in Indiana

Press & Media Mentions

About IARA

The size and scope of animal cruelty that exists in this world is unfathomable. Over 10,000,000,000 land animals and 53,000,000,000 aquatic animals die for our food consumption each year. And that is just in America.

People have been trained from an early age to treat animals like commodities; products that exist for our pleasure, because we need their meat, milk, eggs and skin to survive. We know the process is messy, but we happily stroll to the grocery store and pick up the product, far removed from its original form.

Yet, we understand that humans are but one of many animals. If you go far enough back, we share a common ancestor with every animal that walks, flies, slithers or swims on this planet. We have many of the same basic needs they do, but most of all a will to live and a desire to experience happiness and be free from pain. They are different from us in some ways, but in the ways that matter, we are the same. They experience a life just as we do, from their own unique perspective that we can’t fully understand.

We get to know some animals very closely, as part of our family. We express and receive love from our pets. We get to know their personalities, we interact with them, we understand them and they understand us. We know what they enjoy, what they dislike, when they’re happy, sad, ashamed or in pain. To us, they are not only pets, they are individuals. They are doing their best to live a life full of joy, free of suffering.

Like our pets, all animals are individuals. Like us, these individuals have families.

These are mothers and children born into this world with innate desires to live free from pain, to interact with one another, to experience this life in their own way.

These are not pictures of lamb chops, sweaters, hamburgers, belts or chicken sandwiches. These are individual lives fighting for a chance in this world just like you and I.

The ways in which humans have subjugated these animals and relegated them to nothing more than products has no limits. Thanks to modern day factory farming they live in deplorable conditions that would drive any sentient being insane. They suffer both physical and psychological abuse during their short lives before becoming part of our food chain, clothing, entertainment, etc. The ways in which humans have devised to exploit and abuse animals is almost without end, including the life and slaughtering process of cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys to shark finning, bear bile farming, bull fighting, dog fighting, puppy mills, circus animal abuses, fur skinning, dolphin shows, harpooning whales and hunting, just to name a few.

Is this the way we should treat the non-human animals we share this Earth with?

Surely we can do better.

Despite the overwhelming numbers you saw at the top, things are beginning to improve. Thanks to social media and better awareness, fewer people are using animal products this year than they did last year or the year before. The numbers of vegetarians and vegans in this country has never been higher. Every day, thousands more people are choosing to live cruelty free lives.

When you look at the numbers, it’s hard to imagine that one person not using animal products could make a difference, but it can. Remember those individuals I talked about? Every person who gives up animal products can prevent roughly 100 individuals every year from having to endure the misery of being part of our food supply.

Although these animals share many of the same physical, mental and emotional characteristics with us, they do not have the ability to tell us how they feel. The Indiana Animal Rights Alliance exists to give a voice to animals who can’t speak for themselves. We will work to end their suffering and exploitation through a variety of avenues, including public outreach, information and education, as well as other forms of advocacy.